How it worksRemote control and monitoring within everyone's reach.
Lualtek offers remote monitoring and management of crops, without installation of control units, renovation costs and internet coverage. A great economic and reliability advantage.

Always with you.

Our web app can be used from both smartphones and computers, according to the needs of each farmer. At any time and from anywhere, you can consult the data collected by the sensors, verify the correct functioning of the actuators and set up new automations.

Know your crops.

To achieve quality production it is necessary to monitor the data and assess air and soil conditions. Sensors can collect any kind of data, making it remotely accessible without the farmer having to be physically present. In addition, Lualtek sensors require no installation: they can be freely moved within the field, or even taken to a different field.

Automated farming.

Lualtek does not decide: it acts according to the choices of the farmer or agronomist, who knows the crops and how to optimize their production.
NotificationsStay up to date on what's going on in your cultivation by receiving dedicated notifications.
AutomationsBy creating automations you can, based on the parameters recorded by the sensors, set up an action within the greenhouse or field.
ScenesSmartly manage sets of conditions using scenes; separate workflows within the same automation.

Take action, even at a distance.

By also installing actuators, it is possible to use the data collected by the sensors to perform actions without the farmer's physical presence on the farm, such as activating irrigation or opening ridges. The actuators, therefore, allow to automate field management from its monitoring.

Transmit data off-grid and with no internet connection.

Lualtek allows you to collect data through sensors, send them to the web app, process them through an algorithm, and define the behavior of the actuators which, in turn, send a command to the elements in the greenhouse or field.
  • LoRaWan® protocol allows long-distance data transmission
  • Without an Internet connection, but with a significant increase in reliability and resource saving.