Give new energy to your cultivation.

With Lualtek you can reduce water and electricity resources by managing your field remotely without the need for cables, internet coverage or renovation and installation works.
Central sprinklerActuator
Lower right windowActuator
Lateral roofActuator
Photosynthetic radiation1.3K W/m²
50 %
50 °C
10 °C
Luxmeter188K lx
Open panelsAutomation
Open watering at 10PMAutomation
Start main sprinklerAutomation

The technological solution to improve the productivity of every farm.

Lualtek is the ideal solution for greenhouses and open-field cultivations: thanks to the LoRaWAN® transmission protocol it can send sensor data over long distances and with low energy consumption.

No farm will be too isolated to be managed remotely anymore.

Data monitoring

With Lualtek sensors, selected thanks to the collaboration with farmers, you can have control and history of the vital parameters of the crop.

Apps and push notifications.

The Lualtek application is accessible from both computers and smartphones. It allows you to read data and receive notifications when threshold values are reached.

Virtual agronomist.

Collecting data allows for the recognition of situations that might favor pathogens or diseases such as Downy mildew, tomato leafminer, Powdery mildew, and Botrytis cinerea.

Automated management.

With Lualtek actuators, it is possible to automate every action that requires switching on and off, from opening the doors to starting irrigation.
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€3,400Estimated cost*
* The cost is indicative and may vary according to monitoring needs