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Lualtek is an innovative solution created to support farms in optimizing their business.

For this very reason Lualtek is strongly interested in enriching its packages by integrating products and services from partner companies that are able to offer added value to agricultural innovation.

Features of our partners.

  • OfferOffering products or services that can solve real needs of farmers
  • SharingSharing the values of sustainability and efficiency of agriculture 4.0
  • ListeningPropensity to accommodate the needs of farmers, in order to offer tailored solutions

Benefits for the partners.

  • Adherence to a project recognized for its technological value.
  • Wide commercial network, direct and indirect.
  • Visibility for your product within a demo used by agents.
  • Possibility of integrating your own service into the features offered by the app.
  • Participation in national sector events

How to become a partner.

Lualtek is committed to selecting competitive partners and defining agreements that add value to the service offered, with the perspective of increasingly improving the quality of support to farms.Companies that offer products and services for the agricultural sector can submit a partnership request: Lualtek will review all proposals and evaluate the opportunity to enter into specific agreements.