BenefitsBy farmers, for crops.
Lualtek is a system designed and built thanks to the contribution of farmers, gathering their experiences and designing solutions that respond to the problems they face every day.

Lualtek overcomes current challenges and offers important advantages.

The first challenge identified is of an economic and structural nature. In many cases, in fact, choosing to automate land management means for the farmer to face significant renovation costs for the installation of control units or wire the area to bring connectivity to often isolated places. At this point, further difficulties may arise, such as WiFi network instability that can cause frequent disconnections of the sensors, difficulty of use due to the poor usability of management sytems, or the need to bear high electricity costs for managing the control unit and transmitting data.

All farms can use Lualtek, even the most isolated ones.

  • No renovation costs.
  • No control units to install.
  • No internet required for data transmission.

A system that makes use of effective solutions.

  • High reliability of the cloud system.
  • No frequency disturbance, even for very long distance transmissions.
  • Solar panels for powering sensors with unlimited duration
  • Maximum integration with systems already present on the farm.

Cheaper and more sustainable agricultural productivity.

  • Electricity saving
  • Water saving
  • Rationalization of pesticide use

The farmer is supported with solutions designed around his needs.

  • Remote monitoring and management of the field
  • Easy to use system interface
  • Ability to access from computer and smartphone