Artificial IntelligenceA virtual agronomist at the service of crops.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, Lualtek becomes an ally in evaluating data and suggest the actions needed to increase the productivity of your crop.

Transmit data off-grid and with no internet connection.

Lualtek relies on advanced technologies not only for data transmission, but also for its processing. Its algorithm, in fact, takes advantage of artificial intelligence to provide the farmer with significant added value in crop management.Lualtek therfore takes the form of an innovative Virtual Agronomist, capable of interpreting soil data, comparing them with weighted statistics and recognizing conditions that might be dangerous in relation to specific diseases or pathogens, such as downy mildew, tomato leafminer, powdery mildew and botrytis. In such cases, Lualtek sends an alert to the farmer, so that they can take action before the crops are attacked and production compromised.

Agriculture 4.0

Artificial Intelligence can spring into action thanks to the large amount of data collected. This repository is fed by historical land data from specific areas or specific crops, but it’s also enriched by individual farm measurements.Collecting data is therefore not only useful in the immediate term to automate routine actions, but it is crucial in the medium and long term to gain in-depth knowledge of the production activity and be able to take more effective and timely action.

Artificial intelligence for sustainable agriculture.

The service that Lualtek offers through to the use of Artificial Intelligence allows to prevent the occurrence of deseases that can compromise the health of the entire farm.
  • Continuous productivity with economic advantage thanks to remote monitoring.
  • Less pesticides and hazard prevention for targeted action if and when needed.